Strategy - Investment Process and Value Creation

FFC has a systematic, disciplined, and repeatable investment process that has been refined over the firm’s history. From the initial investment to the portfolio company’s exit, FFC leverages its industry knowledge, extensive network, and investment experience to help develop business plans, evaluate and execute growth initiatives, enhance the management team and Board, and advise companies in sale processes. FFC believes that this active and value-add approach helps create strategically valuable companies that ultimately deliver desirable exits for management teams and consistent and attractive returns for investors.

  • Reputation /
    Experience / Network

    FFC has invested in 36 companies over 17 years in many subsectors of the healthcare industry. As a result of our experience in healthcare, FFC has developed deep domain expertise, created a proven and repeatable value creation model, and built a strong and extensive network in the industry. We seek to engage our network in all stages of the investment process, from the evaluation and diligence of a potential transaction, to adding value post-transaction.

  • Target Companies with
    High Growth Opportunity

    FFC looks to invest in businesses that have >$20mm of revenue and/or are profitable and have an extraordinary growth opportunity in their market due to a clear and verifiable value proposition for their customer base. FFC’s invested capital is typically used to accelerate the company’s growth either through acquisition, investment in manufacturing or R&D, etc.

  • Perform Deep and
    Constructive Diligence

    FFC performs extensive diligence prior to making an investment. Rather than relying soley on third party research, FFC performs primary research typically through its network of industry experts to diligence an investment and verify the growth opportunity. Typically, FFC makes customer introductions during diligence and evaluates the business model and management team from those interactions. Whether FFC invests or not, the diligence process is constructive for FFC and the company.

  • Capital Structure

    FFC is flexible in structuring investments and will work creatively to accommodate both management and existing investor expectations. FFC is comfortable with majority or minority control and manages downside risk through its security.

  • Implement Identifiable
    Growth Plan

    FFC looks to partner with management and jointly develop a growth plan upon investment. FFC will help management execute that growth plan by providing operational and financial support, adding management talent, and utilizing FFC’s experience and network to develop strategic partnership and acquisition opportunities and to get introductions to new potential customers.

  • Board Level Guidance
    and Support

    FFC usually requires a minimum of one Board seat (depends on ownership) with its portfolio companies. FFC has also recruited industry experts as valued-added independent Board Members.

  • M&A Capital Markets

    FFC investment professionals have decades of experience with M&A and capital markets. FFC uses its expertise and relationships to help its portfolio companies identify and diligence acquisitions and secure the financing necessary to complete value-added transactions or invest in growth initiatives.

  • Liquidity/Exit

    FFC has significant experience preparing its portfolio companies for sale and leading companies through the sale process, having exited 26 of our 36 portfolio companies. Over the investment period, FFC seeks to professionalize its portfolio companies to withstand the scrutiny of a sale process by improving regulatory compliance, financial reporting, and risk assessment. FFC often leads the Company through the sale process and introduces the Company to potential relevant buyers through the investment cycle.

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Strategy - Investment Process and Value Creation

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